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About Us

Digital Marketing and Creative House

LAB Services was created by ElderCounsel, LLC as a full-service creative and digital marketing solution for small business owners specializing in niche legal practice areas such as elder law, Veterans pension planning, and special needs planning. 

ElderCounsel has been working with attorneys and their support staff in small law firms for over ten years by providing solutions for document drafting and education but a key component of running a successful small business was missing...marketing solutions. 

Our members needed turn-key solutions to help stay connected with the latest digital marketing strategies so they could focus on the other areas of the business that required their attention. 

What began as the EC Practice Enhancement Program has expanded into a full-service marketing agency providing tailored support for your business. We find the solutions that work for you and will help your business see the best return on investment. Services from technology development, brand and identity, advertising and social, to content marketing. 

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